Privacy Policy 

At Mindsconnect all client information is kept confidential and secure. Anything you wish to share after your session is at your discretion. After receiving services from Mindsconnect, we greatly appreciate and encourage you to share your positive experiences with friends, family and to leave a testimonial on our website and or a review on the relevant social media pages. 

Cancellation Policy

At Mindsconnect when you book a service, payment is due on booking. This is an agreement to receive the service at the time you select.  If you cannot attend an appointment, 48 hours notice is to be given to avoid any rescheduling fee being applied.  In case of notification within the 48 hour period before the appointment, a rescheduling fee will be applied of 50% or at the discretion of Mindsconnect in case of emergency. If the appointment is cancelled, the full fee will be forfeited.

At Mindsconnect all services provided have an energetic component, and as such, upon booking and payment, an energetic exchange is already taking place pertaining to your healing and growth. 


We look forward to supporting you on your healing and growth journey.