Specialising in Relationship Coaching with a holistic approach. At Minds Connect Coaching, you are supported as you move from conflict and tension to harmony and peaceful connections in all areas of your life. 

When you apply the techniques experienced in each personal coaching session, you will notice a positive shift in the relationships in your life.

At every step along the way, I accompany you on your journey, healing relationships and helping you form deeper connections with yourself and others.

It is my mission to serve you in helping you become the best version of you, so that you can experience joy, happiness, peace and harmony in your life.


At Minds Connect you can also experience healing through Reiki. This is a traditional Japanese form of hands-on-healing.

Reiki works by opening the flow of energy throughout your body, relieving any stress, tension or pain. It also provides rapid regeneration of new healthy cells in areas of the body that have been damaged through illness, disease or through accidents.

Reiki is very gentle and fast acting. As such, it is not used if there are any newly broken bones. 

It is also used to aid the emotional release from traumas or abuse. Reiki is also used to bring your energy centers (chakras) back into balance and alignment for improved health and vitality. 


At Minds Connect Coaching, you will experience a safe space to let go of what’s holding you back. The unique and holistic process used, allows for deeper connection, and enables you to move from pain and struggle, to peace and harmony. 

This has a ripple effect and by focussing on one area in your life, relationships, it will positively affect all other areas in your life; business/work, money/finances, family, friends, recreation and more. 

Empowering others to find their purpose is also passion of mine. At Minds Connect I am here to support and accompany you on your healing and growth journey. 

It is my vision is to create a culture of self-healing individuals in every home. The coaching programs at Minds Connect are truly transformational and it is an honor to see clients emerge as the BEST version of themselves, embodying the new self time and time again.

I look forward to holding space for you to Release, Reconnect and Shine.

I believe in you. 

Heidi x


Heidi Goodman

About me

After many years working as a teacher I was looking for something more fulfilling. While I enjoyed teaching children and seeing them achieve their goals, I was longing for something more. My marriage ended and I found myself having a long hard look at myself and reassessing my purpose and direction in life. 

I was drawn to study a Coaching Diploma with the Life Coaching College and so began my own healing, growth and professional development as a Life Coach.

It wasn’t long before I discovered…



What They Say

  • Highly Recommend. Thank you beautiful Soul. I had such a deep session with you today and removed stored generational trauma from my body. Coming from a coaching background I really value you and your approach. You created such a beautiful warm, loving and safe space. I have already seen shifts within a few hours! You have a gift. WOW WOW WOW. Looking forward to continuing to work with you so I can step into and become the woman and mother I truly am!

    Lisa T

  • I just had an energy alignment session with the incredible Heidi earlier today and I can’t express how grateful I am for how beneficial and perfect the whole experience was. Heidi held such a loving and safe space for me to delve deep into and release a pain I was holding in my body since I was four years old! She guided me so beautifully and supported me every step of the way, while also helping me clear the energy with distance reiki and intuitively feeling into what was unfolding for me. I’ve had quite a few of these undertaken by other people but this was the first one I’ve felt safe enough to really go into my pain and release it. Couldn’t recommend this amazing woman enough! 💗

    Caitlin Taylor

  • I had the privilege of receiving Heidi's incredible presence and wisdom at a time when I was feeling very challenged in my separation. One phone call was all it took to create an enormous shift in the way I was looking at my situation. I have felt a new sense of freedom and release since that moment. Thank you Heidi for being you.

    Tiffany J

  • Heidi is a calm, intuitive, positive and genuine person. Her love and passion for helping others is inspiring. Heidi’s talents in unlocking truth and love has to be experienced to be believed.


  • Heidi is a passionate and positively energized soul who has been through the "mud" and taken head onthe challenges life has thrown at her coming out stronger and wiser for it. She now possesses invaluable experience and life changing skills and tools, making her a powerful agent for change and success for anybody wanting to live in to their full potential and have a fulfilled life.


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